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PREVENT Digest for March 2018

Dear all,

A number of important reports that look into the impact of PREVENT were published this month and are listed below. These findings need to be heard so please take the time to follow the links and forward this email to colleagues, friends, MPs and anyone else who you think should read them.

Please also take time to download the digest for March, it's one of the longest digests yet so it contains much more than will fit into this email.

We have convened our first working groups this month and have explored how best to support those impacted by PREVENT and CVE. This has already involved creating new publishing opportunities and discussing how we can influence policy.

Please reply to this email, giving your name, location and a list of research interests if you want to get involved.


Voices of Young Muslims by Jawaab asks how we can build a society free of Islamophobia.

Experiences of #MuslimsInEducation are explored by The National Union of Students.

Globalisation of countering violent extremism policies looks at how CVE undermines human rights and instrumentalises civil society

Counter-terrorism in the NHS asks if PREVENT really is safeguarding?

Freedom of Speech in Universities repeats calls for an independent review of PREVENT and for clarification on what is meant by 'extremism'.

Statistics on PREVENT referrals were published, read these alongside this response from CAGE. The Integrated Communities Strategy green paper, was published, read alongside The Runnymede Trust's Integration for All response. You can respond before 5th June.

Share your experiences of PREVENT

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute an article about your experiences of PREVENT for the blog or if you would like to summarise your research and share it with a wider audience via this mailing list.

Help out

Contact us @PREVENTdigest or via facebook if you have news to include in the digest or if you are able to offer a little time to review articles or to help compile the digest.


If you know anyone else who is interested, forward this email to them and they can sign up for the monthly digest below.

Best wishes,


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